Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post the first.

In recent years I have found myself writing more. 

In retrospect, I began writing to feed my ego.  That quickly faltered.  I soon realized how little I knew and my lack of skill.  I faced this mountain and began my long, arduous climb. 

I have in no way arrived.  In fact, I am sure that I am still near the base.  But, in my climbing, I traversed the plane of self-importance.  If I was writing for the purpose of my own self I would hardly survive one critique.  I have learned that, in the way of most things, trying to please others is a sure-fire recipe for failure.

Often, the thought of blogging has crossed my mind.  With those thoughts were others, “Of what would I write?”  “Fiction or non-fiction?” “Politics and religion or muse and mirth?”  In the end I decided just to start and work out the rest as I go along.

I welcome comments.  Comment one, comment all, I say (I know my wife will laugh at that).  I’m working through what I believe, who I am and what I like.  Your thoughts on my journey are invited and valued.  With that said, please be kind.

To be direct, you should find stories I have written, articles I hope to link to, quotes, candid thoughts on various subjects from religion, politics, abortion, creation, and humanity, as well as many others.  The tumultuous city is a reference to an ancient Sumerian tablet that read “the city, where the tumult of man is.”  We are each a city set on a hill, clear for all to see.  My city is often in tumult, a myriad of thoughts, expressions, beliefs and emotions.  If your city happens to be as well, then join me as I delve into my "tumultuous city".

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  1. No tumult here. Just 8 people quietly getting along and being VERY peaceful all the time.

    Yes, you may want to move over. Lightening may strike at any time.

    But at least we are 8 people loving each other all (or at least most) of the time!

    (Laura talking, but I don't have a Google account, or any of the others listed)